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Australia’s Biggest Fitness Trends For 2017

Every year there are new health and fitness trends in Australia. What will be the biggest fitness trends in 2017?
The ab-roller has come and gone! The leopard print spandex and workout VCR’s by Cher are in the trash can as well. So what is going to be the biggest fitness trend of 2017?

Female For Life is an Australian activewear brand that is always on the lookout for the latest trends, fads and ideas in health and fitness. Here are the fitness trends that the Female For Life team predict will be appearing in your gym in 2017.

Get prepared for retro Soviet Olympic training regimes. Kettlebells have had a remarkable resurgence in the last few years as trainers are discovering even more benefits to kettlebell workouts. Modern kettlebell workouts are great for working your muscles through the full range of motion, thereby developing even muscle tone and functional strength. By utilising both fast-twitch and slow-twitch muscle fibres, kettlebell workouts will help you burn calories while developing dynamic strength in your arms and legs and a rock hard core. They are also a great stress relief. If they are not in your fitness club yet, look out for a kettlebell rack in your gym in 2017.

Booty Barre
Booty Barre is the new Zumba, which was the new Tai Bo. Booty Barre is a combination of pilates, yoga and dance that promotes a complete approach to health and fitness. The program has been designed to harness the trimming effects of pilates while providing the lean and functional strength that comes from traditional dance techniques. The result is a flexible and strengthened physique that looks great.

Aqua Jogging
This is another old timer that will be getting hearts racing in 2017. Because aqua jogging is low resistance, it can be performed by anyone, especially the elderly and those recovering from injury. But just because it is low resistance does not mean that it doesn’t provide significant health and fitness benefits. State-of-the-art workouts have been developed to provide both cardio and strength gains without causing excessive strain on joints and tendons. As more pools and fitness clubs offer advanced classes, expect a rise in a younger and fitter generation of individuals aqua jogging for the first time.

Designer Fitness Trackers
Wearable tech has escaped from the realm of science fiction and is now a part of everyday life. Fitness trackers are being produced by some of the world’s largest tech giants. But in 2017 expect a more refined and designer approach to fitness trackers. Blending functionality with high-end style, expect to see the world’s leading fashion brands incorporating health trackers in stylish packages.

Female For Life is excited to see the explosion of new fitness trends that will be taking over fitness clubs, gyms and backyards in 2017. With a dynamic range of plus size clothing and workout clothes for women in all shapes and sizes, from petite to plus size, you can get more out of your next workout in Female For Life activewear.

Female For Life is an Australian owned and operated company that provides high-quality workout clothing that looks and feels amazing.

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