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Marriage Act Plebiscite – Why the Left Is Terrified

mirrorThe bottom line is they know it will be defeated, notwithstanding any opinion polls to the contrary.

It’s not about cost, it’s not about funding the arguments for or against, it’s not about the risk of fostering hate speech, it’s all about winning.

Supporters of changes to the marriage act know that if it comes to a democratic vote of the public via a plebiscite, it will fail. A failure so big that neither side of politics will touch the issue for at least two election cycles.

For the same reason that the Brexit leave campaign succeeded, Pauline Hanson won four Senate seats and Donald Trump will win the US Presidential Election, the proposed Same Sex Marriage Plebiscite will be a disaster for the “Yes” side.

The reason is that the silenced middle majority of the English-speaking West are fed up with being told what to think, what to feel and what to believe by the political and media elites. They are tired of being sniped at and told to shut up by social justice keyword warriors.

Pick and issue: immigration, free trade, foreign ownership, changes to the marriage act, income redistribution, globalism, global warming and state welfare. The middle majority do have opinions on all these issues, but are now too scared to speak out and thereby internalise their frustration.

The vast majority of this middle majority aren’t racists, greedy capitalists, bigots, homophobes, climate-deniers, islamophobes, sexists or transphobes. But they are very angry. They are angry at the way they are pilloried if they try to articulate a less than inner-city-trendy viewpoint or ask too many rational questions.

Anger that turns them into big, fat liars when contacted by a polling company. Anger that raises their eyebrows and shuts their mouths when reading social media. Anger that burns away ready to be released in a flash-bang of democracy in the anonymity of the polling booth where the latent anarchist in all of us can tick or number the “screw you” box on the ballot paper.

The Left aren’t scared of democracy, they are scared of losing.

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