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Moodle Extends its Network of Certified Service Providers with New Australian Moodle Partner, My Learning Space

2017-11-23 13:32:14 chris

Moodle, the world’s open source learning platform, today announces My Learning Space as a Certified Moodle Partner. The Australian based e-learning company provides expert services including managed hosting, support, training, consultancy, customisation and educational content. As a Moodle Partner, My Learning Space is certified to provide Moodle services to its customers, and in doing so is financially supporting the ongoing development of Moodle.

“We’re passionate about Moodle and have been championing its benefits for more than a decade” commented Chad Outten, Founder and Director of My Learning Space. “Moodle positively impacts the education of many individuals, communities and organisations around the world. Becoming a certified Moodle Partner enables us to help improve the quality of learning in Australian organisations meanwhile contribute royalties and ideas toward future Moodle development.”

On the joining of My Learning Space to the Moodle Partner network, Martin Dougiamas, Founder and CEO of Moodle said “We’re thrilled to begin this new partnership with My Learning Space. They have a depth of experience in online training and have been dedicated to the Moodle project for some time. We are looking forward to a long working relationship of helping each other to serve Moodle users in Australia”.

The addition of My Learning Space to the Moodle Partner network demonstrates their dedication to Moodle and providing their customers with high quality e-learning solutions in the corporate, government and education sectors. My Learning Space is the 71st organisation to join the expanding Moodle Partner network.

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About Moodle
Moodle is an open source learning platform with more than 70 million users worldwide. Translated in over 100 languages, Moodle aims to provide educators, individuals, schools, universities and workplaces with the tools to build their own highly customised site for online and blended learning. In the 13 years since the first Moodle version was released, Moodle has been adopted by organisations, schools and universities in every country, and is supported by a global network of Moodle Partners providing certified services. For more information, visit

About My Learning Space
Established in 2007, My Learning Space is an Australian e-learning company that provides online learning solutions to the corporate, government and education sectors. My Learning Space offers services to improve staff performance and business outcomes through better learning, training and development programs. Notable clients of My Learning Space include eBay, Shell, Rip Curl, Ricoh, iiNet, Flight Centre, Community Services NSW, Queensland Health and State Library of Queensland. For more information, visit

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Australia's Biggest Fitness Trends For 2017

2017-11-13 08:55:07 squadron

Every year there are new health and fitness trends in Australia. What will be the biggest fitness trends in 2017?
The ab-roller has come and gone! The leopard print spandex and workout VCR’s by Cher are in the trash can as well. So what is going to be the biggest fitness trend of 2017?

Female For Life is an Australian activewear brand that is always on the lookout for the latest trends, fads and ideas in health and fitness. Here are the fitness trends that the Female For Life team predict will be appearing in your gym in 2017.

Get prepared for retro Soviet Olympic training regimes. Kettlebells have had a remarkable resurgence in the last few years as trainers are discovering even more benefits to kettlebell workouts. Modern kettlebell workouts are great for working your muscles through the full range of motion, thereby developing even muscle tone and functional strength. By utilising both fast-twitch and slow-twitch muscle fibres, kettlebell workouts will help you burn calories while developing dynamic strength in your arms and legs and a rock hard core. They are also a great stress relief. If they are not in your fitness club yet, look out for a kettlebell rack in your gym in 2017.

Booty Barre
Booty Barre is the new Zumba, which was the new Tai Bo. Booty Barre is a combination of pilates, yoga and dance that promotes a complete approach to health and fitness. The program has been designed to harness the trimming effects of pilates while providing the lean and functional strength that comes from traditional dance techniques. The result is a flexible and strengthened physique that looks great.

Aqua Jogging
This is another old timer that will be getting hearts racing in 2017. Because aqua jogging is low resistance, it can be performed by anyone, especially the elderly and those recovering from injury. But just because it is low resistance does not mean that it doesn’t provide significant health and fitness benefits. State-of-the-art workouts have been developed to provide both cardio and strength gains without causing excessive strain on joints and tendons. As more pools and fitness clubs offer advanced classes, expect a rise in a younger and fitter generation of individuals aqua jogging for the first time.

Designer Fitness Trackers
Wearable tech has escaped from the realm of science fiction and is now a part of everyday life. Fitness trackers are being produced by some of the world’s largest tech giants. But in 2017 expect a more refined and designer approach to fitness trackers. Blending functionality with high-end style, expect to see the world’s leading fashion brands incorporating health trackers in stylish packages.

Female For Life is excited to see the explosion of new fitness trends that will be taking over fitness clubs, gyms and backyards in 2017. With a dynamic range of plus size clothing and workout clothes for women in all shapes and sizes, from petite to plus size, you can get more out of your next workout in Female For Life activewear.

Female For Life is an Australian owned and operated company that provides high-quality workout clothing that looks and feels amazing.

Contact Information:
Female For Life Fitness Clothing

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Western Zodiac goes Metric in 2020

2017-10-18 00:23:58 squadron

Western Zodiac goes Metric in 2020

by The Social Science Editor, Prue Crouch

zodiac-changeIn a controversial decision, the Secretariat of the International Astronomical Union based in Paris has announced the metricification of the Zodiac meaning that from March 21 2020 there will be 10 star signs rather than the current 12.

Each of the remaining 10 star signs will be given an extra six or seven days depending on the length of the month that their influence starts in.

This announcement is associated with another decision the union made in August 2006 when Pluto, the smallest planet in the solar system, was demoted from planet status to dwarf planet because it did not meet the three criteria to be a true planet.

“To be a classified as a true planet the body must have cleared away other objects from its area of orbit,” astrophysicist Nigel de Grasse Tyson said when contacted by the Australian.

“Pluto has not cleared its orbit, and as a result, those Sun signs with a strong Pluto influence will be absorbed into other signs. The two signs to be delisted as part of the metrification process will be Capricorn and Aquarius”, Professor de Grasse Tyson said.

Newspaper astrologers are outraged at the change labelling it draconian and arbitrary. Stella Walters, staff Astrologer with the Illawarra Herald said: “This decision will disenfranchise 16% of our readership. How dare some French standards body kill off two of the Zodiac’s star signs, star signs that have been with us for over 600 years.”

When contacted yesterday, the Fairfax Starscope researcher, Marcus Lieberman, said: ” Actually this makes a lot of sense. Although this change will cause some inconveniences for publishers, astrological forecasting for Aquarius and Capricorn has always been problematic in terms of accuracy and the timing of events. I’m happy to at least give this a try and see what happens.”

As part of the changeover to the metric Zodiac some astrologers will start creating two astrological forecasts, one standard and one metric to get people used to the idea.

Much like the change to decimal currency the conversion of a metric zodiac will include running parallel systems and several years of public education.

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All aboard!! Getting your small business on board your CRM journey.

2017-09-27 20:57:31 squadron

It’s a big ask, but someone has to take it on. If you’ve realised that your business needs to start driving efficiencies through CRM, you need a champion to be in the driver’s seat.

Let’s face it. Small businesses just don’t have the specialised resources, multi-disciplinary teams and project methodologies that big businesses have. But then again, that’s probably a good thing, as red tape can just slow you down.

We work with a lot of small businesses, and there’s usually one person who has been trusted with job of moving the business forward on its CRM journey. Often it’s the business owner themselves, but just as often, they will charge someone else with the task – usually the person with the most to gain from getting the best solution in place, or the one who’s known for whipping things in to shape.

Putting aside your real job, your role as CRM champion is important. It’s a big task with a lot riding on it. If it didn’t, you wouldn’t be the chosen one.

So here’s a little pep talk to help you on your way. These are our tips for being a great CRM champion.

  1. Sell the vision

You are bringing your own unique perspective to the role, but not everyone sees things the way you do. When everyone is doing a different job, they have different frustrations – or might think everything is just fine the way it is. It’s your job to sell the vision of what the future looks like.

Just about everyone will be impacted when you introduce a CRM solution in a small business – and some people are simply resistant to change, especially if it sounds anything like more work.  Your challenge is to paint a picture of how CRM will help them, rather than be a hindrance.

  1. Search out the sticky problems

You need to get some clarity on what problems you’re trying to solve by implementing a CRM. What are the big hitters? What are the niggly annoyances?

You need to gather this intelligence from the people who matter – that’s the people who will be using the CRM. Launch an investigation. Talk to everyone. Learn what they do and how they do it. Ask what frustrates them. Cover all of your bases – the production team, the receptionist, the sales manager – everyone.  Understand the flow of work, and what problems are created by the step before. Listen for things like “Those sales guys make it really hard for us in production when they don’t …..”.

There’s clues everywhere for how CRM can help drive consistency and efficiency in your business.

  1. Make a list – check it twice

From the results of your investigation, make a list.  Then you can prioritise what’s urgent and what is nice to have. This is important as you might not be able to do everything at once. You might need help from your CRM implementation partner at this point.  If you find the right help from a good implementation partner, they can inject their knowledge of what is standard functionality and what requires greater customisation effort.  You might find that it’s possible to tick everything off your list on day one.

We’ve seen enough to know that you can also get great results from breaking the project into phases. There’s a lot to be said for getting the basics right and focusing the big transformational pieces of work.

Once people start using the system they have a much better perspective and context for what else is needed. You might find that some of your second phase priorities might change or be unnecessary and new ideas will arise for how your CRM can better support your processes.

Redo your list, resell and vision and get moving on Phase 2.

  1. Find a partner who understands you

We might be biased, but it’s essential you get the right help. You need to find a CRM implementation partner that gets you and gets CRM. Every business we work with is different, and every CRM starts and grows in different directions because of the unique problems you need to solve for.

That’s why we work exclusively with Microsoft Dynamics CRM. It’s extremely flexible and we can make it fit just about any business problem we come across. It’s a matter of intimately knowing CRM and getting to know your business and what you want to achieve.

Ok, so now it’s time to get out there. Start championing the cause!

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New Generation Student Enrolment Platform Launched by Brisbane Firm

2017-09-21 19:43:54 chris

Brisbane-based 1Enrol Pty Ltd today announced the release of its innovative enrolment and CRM platform specifically designed for international educational institutions and education agents to help streamline the entire lead-to-revenue lifecycle. The cloud based application is tailored to the use of admin and marketing departments in schools and agencies.

1Enrol, which has been in development for the past three years, is aimed at schools and agents of all sizes, from a single user to large multi-location groups and is fully ‘scalable’ to meet the needs of every business no matter its size or structure. Jose de Andrade, 1Enrol co-founder and veteran entrepreneur in the international education sector commented: “This is a very exciting development in the industry. 1Enrol is advancing the productivity and service capability of thousands of independent educational organisations internationally. The result will lead to better service and value for students around the world”.

The multi-billion dollar private education sector has long lagged behind other industry segments when it comes to process automation, uptake of cloud based technology and CRM best practice. This is due largely due to the lack of a solution specifically designed to meet the unique industry needs. Not only is 1Enrol designed to manage the wealth and complexity of information schools and agents need to process and exchange when completing the student enrolment process, it goes further by providing a complete end-to-end platform including marketing automation capability and financial reports.

Some of the highlight features of 1Enrol include:

  • Online enrolment submission and management
  • Student payment and commissions management
  • Mobile access and SMS communication
  • Automated invoicing
  • Lead management and nurturing

1Enrol helps education businesses expand their operation with a sophisticated yet easy to use application which provides managers with the ability to keep track of leads and enrolments in real time while freeing up valuable admin and marketing resources. Our motivation is to help education businesses better serve students worldwide.

1Enrol has been developed in Brisbane, Australia, by a group of experienced and highly dedicated professionals bringing together over thirty years of software development and international education industry experience. Find out more at

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Moodle Extends its Network of Certified Service Providers with New Australian Moodle Partner, My Learning Space

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