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Western Zodiac goes Metric in 2020

Western Zodiac goes Metric in 2020

by The Social Science Editor, Prue Crouch

zodiac-changeIn a controversial decision, the Secretariat of the International Astronomical Union based in Paris has announced the metricification of the Zodiac meaning that from March 21 2020 there will be 10 star signs rather than the current 12.

Each of the remaining 10 star signs will be given an extra six or seven days depending on the length of the month that their influence starts in.

This announcement is associated with another decision the union made in August 2006 when Pluto, the smallest planet in the solar system, was demoted from planet status to dwarf planet because it did not meet the three criteria to be a true planet.

“To be a classified as a true planet the body must have cleared away other objects from its area of orbit,” astrophysicist Nigel de Grasse Tyson said when contacted by the Australian.

“Pluto has not cleared its orbit, and as a result, those Sun signs with a strong Pluto influence will be absorbed into other signs. The two signs to be delisted as part of the metrification process will be Capricorn and Aquarius”, Professor de Grasse Tyson said.

Newspaper astrologers are outraged at the change labelling it draconian and arbitrary. Stella Walters, staff Astrologer with the Illawarra Herald said: “This decision will disenfranchise 16% of our readership. How dare some French standards body kill off two of the Zodiac’s star signs, star signs that have been with us for over 600 years.”

When contacted yesterday, the Fairfax Starscope researcher, Marcus Lieberman, said: ” Actually this makes a lot of sense. Although this change will cause some inconveniences for publishers, astrological forecasting for Aquarius and Capricorn has always been problematic in terms of accuracy and the timing of events. I’m happy to at least give this a try and see what happens.”

As part of the changeover to the metric Zodiac some astrologers will start creating two astrological forecasts, one standard and one metric to get people used to the idea.

Much like the change to decimal currency the conversion of a metric zodiac will include running parallel systems and several years of public education.

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